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1.) Is Filegoat completly free?

Yes, Filegoat is 100 % Free. There are no costs for uploading, sharing or downloading files.

**2.) What file types can be uploaded to Filegoat?**

No matter what type of file, what format or what kind of file - Filegoat allows you to upload all file types and formats.

**3.) How to upload a file?**

There are several possibilities. The easiest is to click on the “Select files to upload” button on the start page and select one or more files and confirm with “Upload”.

The second possibility is the drag and drop method. Here it is possible to drag a file into the upload area on the start page and thus upload it.

The third method is to upload a file by copy and paste. A screenshot taken with Snipping Tool or the browser’s screenshot function can be uploaded directly by pressing ENTER or CTRL + V on the start page without having to download the screenshot beforehand and then selecting it again.

**4.) Is it possible to upload, share or download multiple files?**

It is possible to upload and share multiple files at the same time without any problems! When multiple files are uploaded, they are combined into one folder, which you can then download using the link you receive.

Of course, it is also possible to download each file individually if necessary.

**5.) Are uploaded files deleted at some point?**

Basically, files are deleted after an appropriate time - which you can specify when uploading. But if a link is clicked, the deletion timer starts again. So if there is regular traffic on a file, the file will not be deleted. At most, an automatic deletion can be specified after 90 days at the latest, but after one day at the earliest when uploading.

Filegoat reserves the right to delete files that violate our terms and conditions or if it should be deleted by notification or at the request of a user.

**6.) Is it possible to recover already deleted files or expired links?**

Unfortunately, it is not possible to restore deleted files or broken links. The deleted file must be uploaded again and a new link must be created for it.

**7,) How many users can access the link and how often can the file be downloaded?**

Once the file is online and has not been deleted, any number of users can access, view, and download it as long as they have the link. It is not possible to set a download limit.

**8.) How secure is uploading and storing personal data?**

Our site is hosted in Germany and therefore complies with all rules and data protection regulations applicable in Germany. Furthermore, Filgoat offers an integrated virus scan, uses transport encryption and the possibility to protect the upload with a password.

**9.) How ecological is Filegoat?**

At Filegoat, we rely on German servers that get their power supply from hydropower. The green electricity is generated from completely carbon dioxide-free and environmentally friendly hydropower.

**10.) What is the maximum size of a file that can be uploaded to Filegoat?**

A file can be a maximum of 5 GB in size.

**11.) Is it possible to use Filegoat in any browser and on any device?**

Yes, Filegoat works in any browser and on any device and offers the same benefits everywhere.

**12.) Is a registration or login necessary to use Filegoat?**

Neither registration nor login is necessary to use the Filegoat service. It is in no case an obligation to create a Filegoat account.

**13.) Is Filegoat reputable?**

Filegoat is subject to German law and is an offer of a German small business and so Filegoat has a German address, which can be seen in the imprint.

In addition, it is always possible to view the TrustPilot reviews and submit a rating.

What also speaks for a high level of trust are various mentions by major trade press.

**14.) How to report questionable content?**

Whenever you suspect that content is illegal, infringes copyright, or contains fraudulent intent, you should report it using the DMCA form or by email.

**15.) How fast is the upload and download of Filegoat?**

This depends on various factors such as your own internet connection or the file size. Through our Content Dilfery Network Filegoat ensures a reliable equal speed no matter from which location the file is downloaded.

**16.) How do I get a file and how can I download it?**

After a file is uploaded, a link will be created for that file. This link can be shared with people and whoever has this link can eventually download this file. So whoever uploads a file will also be the first user who can spread the link with the corresponding file.